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Mark A. Riordan, MRW's CEO, is a 32-year veteran of the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Promoted to the Criminal Intelligence Service in 1994, Sergeant Investigator Riordan was stationed in Houston and Austin.  In 1996, computer and Internet-based crime was becoming prevalent and Sergeant Riordan was assigned to the first team of trained computer forensic investigators for the Texas state police.  In 1997, he was promoted to Lieutenant where he led a sub-district of intelligence investigators in Houston, as well as originally co-leading his Service's "Computer, Information Technology, and Electronic Crime" (CITEC) unit. His career has focused on organized crime, multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional investigations to include the protection of the Texas Governor and other top state officials. Mark has provided Expert Witness testimony on many occasions.

His career has covered a range of civil and criminal cases. As a computer forensics expert, Lieutenant Riordan served as the Charter President of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Austin Chapter, and the Charter 1st Vice-President and later President of the Association's Texas Gulf Coast Chapter.  He was also assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Scientific Working Group on Illicit Business Records Analysis in Washington, DC.  Lieutenant Riordan provided relevant training at annual conferences of the California Department of Justice, the national Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit's Annual Conference and the Organization of Racing Investigators.

Additionally, Lieutenant Riordan has provided computer and Internet crime training seminars for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) Lathe Gambit Conferences in Seville, Spain and Glasgow, Scotland as well as instructed officers of the Polish national law enforcement command staff during the Lathe Gambit seminar in Warsaw, Poland. One of Riordan's most thrilling and personally satisfying assignments has been as a member of the Sheriff's Association of Texas, Major Crimes Assessment Committee, now named the Cold Case Review Team.  Having served on the team for more than eighteen years and still currently participating, Riordan, along with a distinguished panel of some of the most experienced and successful criminal investigators in the State of Texas (from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies) meet and work on a quarterly basis for two or three days at a time, providing assistance with unsolved homicides and missing person cases throughout Texas and other States.

Prior to his retirement, Riordan was chosen to lead a team of Department investigators in their due diligence investigation of the merger between a multi-million dollar American company and a multi-billion dollar Italian company.  This complex investigation involved several months of work from as many as eight investigators and support personnel, multiple dozens of interviews-many conducted with the assistance of an interpreter, international travel to Europe and South America, and testimony in public hearings and legislative subcommittees, all under the watchful eye of the news media.  This due diligence investigation proved to be larger in scope than any ever previously conducted by his Department.

After nearly 32 years of service to the citizens of Texas, Lieutenant Riordan retired on January 31, 2007.  Riordan immediately founded JMark Consulting Inc., a Private Investigations/Consulting firm.  In 2014, Riordan co-founded Cronin, Riordan & Whitman Security Consultants, LLC, renamed in 2016 to MRW Security Consultants.  Riordan assumed full ownership of MRW in early 2017, and now he and his team of Investigators and Consultants provide their accomplished expertise to government, law enforcement, legal, private and corporate clients worldwide.  Riordan holds a BS in Organizational Leadership from Mountain State University.

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