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  Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations can be quite daunting due to the sophistication of the fraudster and their criminal scheme.  Oftentimes they are discovered just because something doesn't pass the "smell test," however the evidence against them may be scant or non-existent.  Clients need experts in the field to guide them, and often to confirm their suspicions. 

The art and science of fraud investigations involves moving the case forward from mere suspicions to obtaining facts and evidence so that, at a minimum, a company may take an HR action to mitigate the loss.  Should our Clients decide to refer the case to a District or County Attorney, our investigators are poised to make that happen, using their network to determine the best possible route to prosecution.

Fraud actually occurs in a variety of ways, involving innumerable actions or even intentional inactions.  With the time constraints on companies and their security teams, we know our Clients need a quick, comprehensive response to these cases and MRW stands ready to assist as needed. 


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