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MRW’s Clients vary widely among top corporate entities in a variety of industries, high net-worth individuals and law and accounting firms. Investigative needs vary as widely as the background of MRW’s Clients.

Initial calls for investigative assistance are always taken at no charge. MRW prefers to contact its Clients personally before an investigation begins to make sure we understand exactly what we are being asked to do and to give our Clients a complete explanation of our investigative steps answering all questions and addressing all concerns.

Following these meetings, an experienced investigator is assigned to the case and is responsible for the development of the case and communication with our Clients.

Firm leaders select the investigator(s) in the assignment process to match investigator experience with the investigative needs in the case. Additional investigators with specialized expertise and/or experience are made available for consultation and support as necessary, and always with our Clients prior knowledge and approval.

Billing arrangements and fees are normally based on hourly, day or case rates, to include mileage and customary expenses associated directly with the case or assignment. “Budgets” for specific matters can be estimated. However, such estimates are just that and are not intended as exact anticipated costs.

A Service Agreement or Contract is required before services begin. A retainer may be required before work begins as well, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If we feel that our firm is not the best firm for your particular case, we will gladly refer you to other experts we know and have worked with. 

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